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Markus Enochson - My Socmnaut Years

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REF. : SOL-004
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Release description

Solarism is the result of a common fascination for landscapes and a passion for contemplation.After two decades of an unbreakable friendship, we have finally imagined a way to express what contemplation has offered us and how it connects us to the world, describing those experiences through musical compositions, dj performances and welcoming other artists to release their art. Here is how Markus described his mind's landscape composing these pieces of music, and it talks more than any description: Have you ever thought that you are two people? Do you have memories that are so detached from who you are now that you sometimes believe they are not your own? Like something you have read or seen in a movie? You wonder who that was; your very own Tyler Durden? And here he is with a gift from another time when I was another person, living so fast and unconscious that I eventually almost lost the only thing we really have - my life. Waking up from a 13 day coma I was lucky enough to change my life, slow down a bit and refocus. These tracks are a remainder and a reminder of those times. A daunting finger warning me how close I was to losing everything but in the process...I gained everything. Here you go. Music composed from the shadow in my heart, that few of my friends miss, but finished what seems to be a lifetime later. Glad I've made it. Glad to be able to share this. After coma. Markus Enochson


  • Release Information
  • Label Solarism
  • Format 12"
  • Country France
  • Released 2017
  • Style House, Deep House

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