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Alessio Collina - Pieces of life

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Release description

The talented Italian producer, known for his enigmatic project Hill and recognized for his previous EP collaboration with the Detroit legend Javonntte on Skylax Records, is making a much-anticipated return under his real name, Alessio Collina. An ardent aficionado of authentic house music, Collina, hailing from Italy, gifts us a remarkable lesson in his latest offering, the "Pieces of Life EP." Collina's dedication to the origins of house music is evident throughout this EP, and it's a refreshing reminder of the genre's timeless roots. Italy, a country with a deep appreciation for house music, once again serves as the source of inspiration for this artist. The "Pieces of Life EP" pays a heartfelt tribute to the high-energy and groove-laden house tunes of the 90s, echoing the sounds of iconic figures like DJ Duke, Marshall Jefferson, and labels like Strictly Rhythm. With each track, Collina effortlessly transports us back to that golden era, capturing the very essence and spirit of that unforgettable time. The EP kicks off with the electrifying "All of That," an absolute masterstroke that sets the tone for what follows. Its pulsating beats and infectious melodies are reminiscent of the fervent dance floors of yesteryears, evoking a sense of nostalgia while remaining incredibly fresh and contemporary. The EP's three other titles, "Humble Groove," "Lost World," and "Mid Season," continue to captivate and immerse listeners in Collina's world of evocative, groove-filled house music. Each track showcases his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to create an authentic atmosphere that's true to the genre's roots. Collina's "Pieces of Life EP" is more than just a musical collection; it's a genuine homage to the spirited house music of the 90s. His dedication to preserving the essence of the genre while infusing it with his unique creativity shines through in every beat and melody.
This EP not only reinforces Italy's profound connection to the house music legacy but also solidifies Alessio Collina's place among contemporary artists who honor the past while paving the way for the future. As Skylax Records prepares to release this exceptional 12-inch, it's clear that "Pieces of Life" is a treasure trove for any house music enthusiast, inviting them to rediscover the magic of the 90s with a fresh perspective.


  • Release Information
  • Label Skylax
  • Format 12"
  • Country France
  • Released April / May 2024
  • Style House, Deep House

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