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Lowlife Cartel

Various Artist (Lucretio, Jon Gravy, Jeigo...) - Pimps Improvisations

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Release description

Pimps Improvisations, 4th release of the label Lowlife Cartel, is a compilation of different types of house, from Lofi House to Minimal and hybrid House/Rap. The colour of the EP is instantly introduced with "Bitch Checker" by bielorussian artist ???? ??? (Low Income Squad). This club banger combines a kind of minimal house basis with a raw memphis rap sample. "Back & Forth (Maria version)" by Ghettoghetto, another alias of Oleg Paskevich (Gost Zvuk, Criminal Practice), in a similar vein, mixes crudeness of percussion with a sharpened bouncy melody, very effective to dance. Soundtransitions lofi specialized channel will publish a premiere of this track. Lucretio (Hypercolour, Crime City Disco, Wilson Records) was producing Raw House years before the term and the hype behind it were even existing. Thus, it is an evidence to have him on this various artists. "Hillvalley" by Lucretio closes the face A of the disc in his own proper and classical way, combining an ethereal vocal and energetic sound, straght to the point. Face B, starts with delicacy and groove with "Recorder" by Jeigo. slow tempo Minimal House vocal track. Irresistible to dance. "Alright" by Jon Gravy (Neo Violence), quintessential lofi house club weapon by the rising austrian producer. "Satan's Blessed" by 2Beast, featuring of two authentic Memphis rapper 6Beamn and Deathface, affiliated with Doomshop records. Ghetto rap track produced by Roland Jones (Always Proper). In its entirety Pimps Improvisations is the most "club" and dance oriented release of the label so far. Thought to be mixed, the six artists joined their forces to obtain a real ode to house with several blinks to different influences. Its originality is defined by the rap use for clubs.


  • Release Information
  • Label Low Life Cartel
  • Format 12"
  • Country France
  • Released November 2018
  • Style Lofi House

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