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Tangible Assets

Stojche - Asset005

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Release description

If anything, Stojche's take on Detroit inspired techno rarely requires your permission for engagement. The fifth installment of his own label, Tangible Assets, is no different. This singular producer always manages to conjure up otherworldly atmospheres that resonate from head to feet. With that said, we could spend the next three paragraphs throwing around adjectives and splashing colorful words all over this press release regarding his sound, the aesthetic within each track in this release, and we could even volunteer a side helping of words that somehow make sense of this young producers studio ability. One thing however is for certain. TANG005's true charm lies in its ability to capture an honesty and sincerity that's as captivating as it is transcendent. There's a clinical yet organic approach that Stojche adopts time and time again in formulating his Tangible Asset releases, and if anything, TANG005 should provide further evidence of his depth, maturity and innate ability to create enchantment. This record is wrapped in captivating moments born from flourishing stabs, twilight synths, rolling charges of calculated manic rhythms and subatomic motions living within a range of intricately programmed beats. Add to that a host of cinematic sweeps that develop into harmonic clouds of melancholy and you're one step closer to the true romance etched within the grooves of this record. Once again, Stojche has created an EP that catalyses imagination. A series of intense voyages with thoughtfully considered moments and movements that have been executed by a man well in tune with his craft.


  • Release Information
  • Label Tangible Assets
  • Format 12"
  • Country Macedonia
  • Released 2016
  • Style Deep Techno

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