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Kuntur - Crash EP

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Release description

When Manicheism first came into play, we knew we needed something real special for its launch. As the techno sphere currently isn't shy of labels blurring the lines between sheer experimental music and dance-floor tools - and thus mostly appealing to home listening and bed room Djs - we found our focus laid in how this very same paradigm could first still matter to the dance-floor. As soon it reached our ears, Kuntur came as the obvious answer to our pradigm : most techno either come from an "author" background, or a producer one, being more focused on production values than in the human subjectivity of the artist. In MANI110107's case, the postulate is quite different: akin to Autechre self-sufficient electronic organisms who probably get a life of their own at block parties, MANI110107 gets born on a techno dance-floor, as if Theo Parrish concerned himself more with robotics then with music. As track A1 unfolds in a most mechanical way, blips on the lifeline occur as they would on a motor gaining self awareness, looking for speech patterns disconnected from human language, suddenly realizing that its functional nature is not a "fatality", dubbing its empirical discoveries into a coherent tale of its own environment. A2 introduces the discovery of tonality with joy and chaos, a fairly dramatic mutation from an early robotic condition into a being eager to gain freedom. B1 slows down the tempo as MANI110107 comes to accept its cohabitation with a human world and the necessity of a common language, looking to benefit from both worlds. B2 finally defines that language as "dub", bud dub-techno this is not, as it takes its cue from the global meaning of the word, much closer to what you'd expect from King Tubby or Mad Professor.Throughout this four track journey, you are to witness a true meeting between electronic music and dance-floor concerns, and not the other way around. Kuntur isn't about vintage machine fetishism or the studio, it is about creating and witnessing the birth of an autonomous electronic being and growth on a techno dance-floor, first doing what a new born only can, before seeing its limbs grow into new potentials, defining a language and accepting its environment and history.


  • Release Information
  • Label Manicheisme
  • Format 12"
  • Country France
  • Released 2017
  • Style Techno, Experimental


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