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Ravage Black Series

S.A.F. - The Hunter

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Release description

Coming straight off the back of a melodic and exhilarating release from Induction, fledgling Dutch imprint and management house Ravage are proud to announce the first EP release in their new Black series. Focusing on the darker and unchartered spaces of techno music, the Black series kicks off first with fellow Dutchman and upfront upstart S.A.F with The Hunter EP. The Three lead heavy, uncompromising techno tracks that are unrelenting and rhythmic until the very end, it's a heavy affair from the start. The Three opens up proceedings with blistering force, a concrete kick drum thudding and smashing through a meshed sequence of hypnotic stabs before it mulls into a hypnotic top line, with fluctuating tones offering medley atop of a brutalist beat. A slight hint of progressive dance music, meeting an interplanetary battle, the results are exhilarating and frightening in equal measure. Unaccepted Perseverance has a whiff of underground resistance in its mechanised groove. The Dutch have always had a special relationship with Detroit and this motor city soul cut shows their affiliation for techno, eerie, melodic and mid-trip atmospherics fly above a hydraulic beat, anchored by sub heavy kick drums and hypnotic rhythm a plenty. 2 Coke bottles is the heaviest and most challenging of the collection, with a searing feedback and crunching atmosphere akin to the traits of heavy metal - this overdrive heavy track, loaded with double kick drum patterns, sears through while a bone crunching breakbeat gives the track backbone and vigorous energy.Over on the flip, Barney and Ted signals the first of the home stretch, a radiating sine wave cuts through the speakers like cheese wire, while FX heavy, oscillated mid range bass herald a 130bpm drop, with big beats gone evil and dripping with more over driven white noise. Finally, Short and Suspenseful presents itself as an continuation of 2 Coke Bottles, using the same feedback heavy, resonating riff and stripping back the beats to a gentle pulse, to reveal an eerie and dystopian tapestry of dark atmosphere that let's the rhythm and melodies do the talking. For those into uncompromising, yet challenging tracks on the dancefloor, the first release in Ravage's Black Label series is a great glimpse of things yet to come.


  • Release Information
  • Label Ravage
  • Format 12"
  • Country France
  • Released 2016
  • Style Techno


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