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Curiosity Records

Arnaud Le Texier - Loudness Contour

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Release description

Favouring the potential of techno as a vessel for shock and awe, Curiosity Records emerges with a focused intent and a powerful opening statement with this EP from one of the unsung heroes of French electronic music, Arnaud Le Texier. Having followed his heart throughout his career and always seeking to unlock the creative potential of minimalism in music, Arnaud has traveled far and wide both as a DJ and a producer before reaching this point here, where he heeds the call of long-serving Parisian upstart Skat in providing tracks for his new label. CRY001 stands strong as a testament to the principles that make techno exciting, avoiding the popular trend of industrial brutality in search of a more spiritual message within the intense drum patterns and synth arrangements. On first impressions, "Loudness Contour" may seem to stalk into the realms of functional monotony, but the long lead in is merely a cunning ruse crafted by Arnaud to make the steady crescendo of his track all the more thrilling. By the time the searing synths come flailing in, full submission to the music is the only possible response. "Lowenthal" meanwhile takes a more delicate approach, laying down a soothing bed of dubby aesthetic before building urgent rhythmic constructions on top on a quest towards an unknown destination. It's a sound steeped in mystery and allure even as the drums hit hard and the bass throbs out relentlessly.If the intention of the label needed to be any clearer after those two tracks, the inclusion of an ambient mix of "Loudness Countour" should assuage any doubts you might have. Embracing the creative fruits that techno has borne in its finest moments, Curiosity is an imprint more concerned with the emotional and intellectual dimensions of mechanical electronic music, letting the 'hardness' of the track follow as the spirit dictates.


  • Release Information
  • Label Curiosity Records
  • Format 12"
  • Country France
  • Released 2013
  • Style Techno


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