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Tangible Assets

Stojche - Asset003

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Release description

Asset003 is Stojche's debut release in 2013. He returns back to his solo imprint to present the 3rd EP in the series. Again 4 -tracker 12'', range of quality techno and house outputs in brilliant symbiosis. A1) PARALLEL: Floating somewhere in between the foundations of Detroit and perhaps a flagship groove that Warp probably would have been happy to have entertained, the piece kick off and effortlessly rolls into a parade of soft pads and refracting electronics. It departs the same way it arrived, with tight minimal programming. A2) COBALT: There is an air of systematic tension that runs deep through the sine waves that radiate from what later mutates into a dense acoustic, open field. It opens the gates which in turn allow a moment to move in various directions of thought without being abrasive or confronting. We need some more of this, surely. B1) METRO: The kicks act as a strong supporting structure for a wave of bright patterned evolving sheets. It's fair to say a soft, flowing pass of glowing water would reflect an image fairly similar to this as the track drifts off and decays into a persistent drive. B2) REDUX: Killer piece of work to close proceedings that stings of a guided tour of DeepChord's space. This B-sider could easily have landed cleanly on the other side of any deep spatial incursion. The sweeping plains of the Autobahn, the bright city lights skirting the horizon and warm push into crystallized water. That's an apt summary.


  • Release Information
  • Label Tangible Assets
  • Format 12"
  • Country Macedonia
  • Released 2013
  • Style Deep Techno

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